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This is a mark i have been working on for my wife. She is a seamstress and crafter, she wants some thing she can stamp on the back of cards she makes and sew into blankets and things like that.

I am pretty happy with it and she likes it, but everytime I look at it I feel like it isn't finished.

Thank you.

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Had a real hard time trying to write what I would have done, so I made a rough sketch to give you an idea about the concept. Maybe you've already been down this road, but theres something about that bendy leg on your M that disturbs me. And because I need symmetry :)

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This is a lovely and very fitting mark, but something is bothering me and I am wondering whether you have tried to have a similar curve/bend on the left leg as you have on the right side?

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While I too initially desired for there to be more symmetry in this, I'd hate to lose the nice loopiness that is there. There are a few places where the curviness gets a little bit too wonky, though. Each of the strokes that lead into the curls widen and curve at awkward places. Work on making the transition from straight to curved areas smoother.


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Not crazy about the suggested solutions. Integrating the 'V' into the 'M' itself is a bit too obvious. I think the reason why the original MV feels unfinished is that the serifs are so strong, and so heavy on the left side of the logo. Try removing the serifs and rework the letters so that it feels more balanced.


i take it back. the serifs might work, i think the only problem i had with the suggestions is executing the V in the dip of the M in a very obvious way. there might be a solution in there, but it will require some finagling.

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@fruktbart Thank you for the suggestion. That is the direction I first went with this project, but we weren't happy with it, it was to much of a traditional monogram.

I think it may be the wonkieness of the thick and thins that's bugging me the most. I'm going to try and work on the curves.
That's what I get for basing this on Harrington...

Thanks for all your comments.

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The other issue I think is where the right leg of the "M" goes into the "V". It feels like a turkey wishbone being pulled apart. Because of that, you're losing some much needed stability.


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