Elken Font - would love some critique

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I'm looking for a little feedback on a font I recently designed; Elken - a black, solid, display face with a stencil-type structure. (I didn't set out to create a stencil font, it happened by itself?)

Specifically, I know there are many problems with the spacing/kerning, and I have issues with c, g, s and t. I'd love to hear any comments or criticism... As it is my first font, I have much to learn.

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Could you share with us the concept, thinking behind this typeface?
I like the look of it. Look very industrial, like metal screw.

a, c and u look similar, just different width. What if you eliminate the top right serif of letter a. what is wrong with g ? s might look like o, but the diagonal cut help define it, try to experience with other shape instead of circle. t is different because it is 1 shape, unlike the other have 2 shapes.

I can't read the word elken, thought it was ellren. Maybe because the kerning and letterspacing is the same.

Small l look like uppercase I.

What do you think about r.

x and z has the same shape, but different cut.

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I'd try the 'e' with the projecting nub coming out above the line and more horizontally, like the spur on a font like Jenson.

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The shapes are great, IMHO. But the spacing do need some fixing. :D

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hi! thanks for your comments... I haven't had time to look back at my work since posting this, and now things seem to be a little clearer..

the letter shapes grew out of some abstract-y sketching of mine based on the systematic/organic shapes of elk antlers - then I was looking at creating letters out of a modular sort of version of those shapes. but the final forms did turn out to be relatively.. hm.. cold, compared to the original scribbles.

I had a look at jenson; thats quite an unusual feature... haven't seen that before?

yes, the spacing is tricky - the letterforms themselves actually prevent the spacing from working out effectively. I'm thinking maybe a little bit of a redesign might be in order..

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