New Typotheque Font: Irma

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Irma is a capital-only display typeface in 9 weights that is available in simple Sans & geometric Slab. Inspired by the principles of the Arabic alphabet, Irma provides different conditional letterforms, depending on whether characters occur at the beginning, middle, or the end of the word. Letters can have four different forms (initial, medial, final and isolated). The choice of these forms is controlled by a OpenType feature (Stylistic Set 1), which allows creation of typographic patterns using the negative spaces of the letterforms.

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Nice. I'm curious, what exactly is the Arabic connection?

BTW, considering the connection, "Aida" would've been my choice. :-)


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Imfi would have been a good name... initial, medial, final and isolated

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The knock-out version is, er, a knock-out!

Quite a few OpenType Script fonts, in the Latin alphabet, already have contextual alternates dependent on word-position, so I would say this is something that may be suggested by cursive scripts in general, not just Arabic--but developing it into negative space is a very clever invention.

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Well, Fimi is a Near Eastern girl's name; it's short for something,
but I forget what. Aida is cool because -in Arabic- it includes two
very Arabic sounds: a 'ain and a hamza. Plus it's an opera. I saw it
in Rome as a kid, and I remember one thing from it: they brought
out real camels on stage!


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Nice range and brilliant definitions, great!

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VEEEERY nice and useful font. Like allways from Typotheque. GREAT!!!!


P.S. Cyrillic version is on the way ????

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I am interested by your decision not to do overshoots for the round letters. You don't think it's a problem? Or you think that the benefit of stacking is more important?

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Nice. Not a fan of the ampersand though.


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We are considering Cyrillic (since most of our fonts have Cyrillic support), but it is to a high priority at the moment. We'll see how will Irma do.

@William Berkson
I have designed this typeface for a logo originally ( and I was annoyed by large overshoots even in Display typefaces. Yes you need them in smaller sizes, but not having them allows creating typographic layouts impossible to make with overshoots. Just look at how the logo used on that website, it works much better without them.

I was thinking of these kind of applications too ( Again, only possible if no overshoots are used.

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