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Feedback please, cause I've been looking at this too long. Thanks in advance!

I was asked to design a logo for an Seattle neighborhood blog to be called "Around SODO" - short for "south of downtown". It's a gritty urban hood known for a sports stadium, light industry & warehouses, Starbucks & Tully's HQ, light rail and freight rail, low-rent artists' studios, and a nightclub or two.

I was going for an industrial yet eccentric, lively look. It's designed for screen resolution. I'm using grayscale so I won't be distracted by color at this stage.

I have tried two stencil fonts for the letters SODO, one angular, one circular. I've tried angular and round fonts for "around" - lower case for informality. The graphics suggest travelin' around or city blocks, buildings, train tracks.

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What's the architecture like around there? Does this fit within it?

The first two concepts work well for me. Playing off the Around word is fun, but I stress that it must work with the architecture.

best regards,

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Top right one looks very nice, other are a bit "overcomplicated"-ish.

theplatypus made comment about architecture style around as-well.

Good luck.

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The area looks utilitarian. Most well- known niteclub the show box is a converted warehouse...seems to revel in its funkiness:


Most well known structures are the Qwest Field football stadium:

and Starbucks Headquarters:

The rest of the hood is hard to find photos of, because of its lack of attractiveness.
Here's an artistic shot:

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No disrespect, but I've got to mention that someone has misinformed you about the origin of the neighborhood name. SODO is short for "South of the Dome," not "South of Downtown." The name was contrived by boosters of the warehouse district south of the since-demolished Kingdome Stadium. Although Starbucks Headquarters is definitely within SODO, the Showbox Theater is in downtown Seattle right across the street from Pike Place Market, which is miles north of the SODO area.

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No, there actually are two Showbox theaters. The one in SODO was opened in 2007, according to the link I provided.

You are right about the Dome, but since it doesn't exist anymore, "south of downtown" is now appropriate.

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I appreciate your clarification, dinazina. I didn't know a second Showbox had opened in 2007, plus the marquee photograph above is actually the downtown venue. Here's a photo I found of the sign lettering outside the funkier Showbox that's in the SODO neighborhood:

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Okay, thanks for THAT clarification. Funny, the "X" right above SODO seems to subliminally suugest it might feature x-rated shows...

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