Newspaper Nameplate Critique

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I'm currently trying to rework my school paper's nameplate.
This is what I came up with very quickly. I figured some better trained eyes might be able to help me steer in the right direction before I get too far.
At this point I'm looking at the arms of the "E" and "C" and how they compare... I gave the c some added weight on the bottom to maybe compensate for the lack of weight that the e has in the middle? I'm not sure if that's wise, but I also don't want them to look cloned. (I'm also not liking that wedge on the e, which I attempted for the same purpose).

Tear it apart!


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Here's another that I may like better already.

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(Both from a duplicate thread.)

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I think the 2nd and 3rd from the top are both a good start. The 4th creates a very weird word shape. And maybe puts emphasis in an odd place too?

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I think the 3rd is the best of them. I keep wondering how this would look in a non-allcaps solution (meaning The Echo, or the Echo) for more even flow and easier readability. Also you might want to look at underware's Fakir as an inspiration.

The second feels a little comic-book, but that could be me...

just my 2C, with a grain of salt please.

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Ha, Fakir was a huge inspiration. I would actually like to use a fakir for the nameplate, but as a part money-saving method / part learning experience, I decided to try and go manual. The third is the best I think.. And maybe I'll give the lowercase a shot now.
Is it too AC/DC?

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Here's #3 slightly less heavy

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The simplified shadow is better. Maybe pull back on the lowest bar on the E in the EC pair to keep letters from overlapping?

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This latest version looks really nice. I'd pick up that paper for sure.

The left shadow works better not only because it's not blurred, but because it's less complex. See how many fewer bits are involved in the 'E', for example? This is a good example of how we can learn from signpainters. They rarely do shadows on the right, for just that reason.

Good tip from Tiff. Also, now that you've lightened everything the crossbars on the 'H' and 'E' are probably a bit too light. From a distance you see TIIC or THC.

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Stephen Coles: This is a good example of how we can learn from signpainters. They rarely do shadows on the right, for just that reason.

Although I can understand the reasoning of this (the left sides of the characters are simpler). I've always understood is was more 'natural' to have the light come from the left side. The shadow cast on the right side will then make the characters 'pop' against the reading direction, towards the viewer (instead of away from the viewer).

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Your last design is really, really good! I agree on Tiffany and Stephen's suggestions. The only other thing that bothers me ever so slightly, is the repeated, identical "E"s. (Not a fault, it's just a little boring.) But follow Tiffany's advice, and they'll no longer be identical. Great work!

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Thanks for the pointers.. I'll try altering the weight of the crossbars, and messing with the e's.
Maybe the double e wouldn't seem so evident if I stacked the words on top of each other? I'm also not liking that visual effect...
Others who I've showed this too feel like it's too gothic/rockband looking? Do you think that's an issue?
Here's a mock of the top of a frontpage, just to see it in context. I don't mind the edge, really.
Also keep in mind I haven't made changes to the type itself...
Let me know!

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I like it a lot. I like the edginess. It makes it interesting and memorable.

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I think I'm going with this for the final now. Any thoughts?

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The example is very convincing the shadow is super cool. I don't think it looks like a rockband really; not when it's in context at least.

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Still think you should shorten the bottom stroke on the second 'E'.

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I agree regarding the E. Looks great though.


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How about this?

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