Suggestions for a Hairdresser Card, What kind of type ?

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Hi , a friend of mine wants me to make her her presentation card.

I have think of something pink , a nice type and maybe play with the type so it looks like some scissors , a hair dryer or something related to hairdressing tools.

wich kind of type would you recommend me ? do you know of ny good logos of hairdressers where i could get some inspiration ? should i write her name in simple sans letters or should i go for some script letters that remaind hair ?

Her name is Irene Aquino , i could play making the A as a scissor but maybe is a bit too used allready.

thanx any constructive critic is wellcome.


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You're the designer, you know the process. Talk with your client and listen to what she wants, learn about her personality, how the card will represent her and her business. Then a lot of sketches.

This Flickr Album might help you with some cool idea

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