{ p i x e l f o n t s } logo & design for a portafolio website

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Hello Typophiles,

I wish to know your diferent points
of view about my portfolio-foundry
graphic design and navigation to
to show all the fonts, ornaments
and dingbats website.

Starting with the logo, my idea is
to show the potential of the correct
use of this designs on the screen,
with your opinion about navigation
of type specimens, characters, etc.

This are the first 2:

Thanks a lot,


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...and this is a precolumbian (peruvian textiles)relationship with videogames and pixel pop icons, (nintendo)something like this:

What do you think about this for making a original visual concept for a latin american foundry?

And what about the colors, based on the oranges and browns from the precolumbian ceramics?


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I think its a beautiful colour combo. your logo though - oddly enough pixelfonts kind'a looks more like pixalfonts. I prefer the swash on the s version.

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i'd like to to diss k10k for joseph

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Miguel I dig the design, but the boxes are so K10k. I'm not
dissing K10k, but you deserve your own style.

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