What Font are you saving your

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Just got this, Top Notch Package- Fountain:

This is next Locator:

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I've got two beauties in front of me at the moment that I would like to purchase. The first is also from Fountain.

Eric Sans

The second is Miles Newlyn's beautiful blackletter, Ferox

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Eric Sans was given last year by veer for free on registering. Got my copy there :P.

I've tried to use several times, but it's usage is quite limited due to the extra thin body. There was an ID on typophile that managed to use it quite well!

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Some nice ones, I would love to get my hands on.:

First of all 'Malmoe' & 'Filt' too, by Martin Fredrikson;
'WalbaumTxt', by Frantisek Storm;
'RePublic', by Tom

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I was also thinking purchasing FSD's CP Company, but the gorgeous Katarine goes first

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I'm printing out the Fountain Farao PDF and salivating on it right now. I also will probably get their Mayo at some point in the future.

Also, I saw Neutraface for the first time recently and am a bit infatuated with it as well.

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dan, eric sans is available on the cd accompanying the first indy fonts book.

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& i'm saving my

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