Font trial periods

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Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone can offer me insight on this:

I've been approached by a New York designer to supply my Halvorsen family free for a trial period, for the purposes of a pitch. That is, the designer wants to purchase but needs to design some roughs first for management approval, and requests access to the fonts in order to do so. The designer named another foundry (whom I have emailed for verification) which has previously supplied fonts in this way.

This seems a dangerous practice to me. Even though I have no reason to doubt the honesty of the designer, I'm just wondering if anyone else has been approached in this way and if so, what other solutions are possible?

Thanks, Wayne | Australian Type Foundry

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I have found this to be relatively common, especially for publication design. Check out Font Bureau's testing license for an example. It is based on the licensee's honesty, but, after all, so are standard license agreements.

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This isn’t something I would do for someone who just wants to decide about buying a single license, but I could see it being worthwhile for someone who might be outfitting a few dozen computers.

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