Starting a new type

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I'm starting to design a new type, but I'm not sure if I have seen something alike. Does anyone know of type that looks similar or even the same???


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Your new type consists of / is based on pretty simple, geometric shapes, so I am pretty sure that there are similar ones out there, even if I can actually name none of them right now.. But I am going to start seeking some now..

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Reminds me of Gothic Gothic by Grieshaber.
Of course, the proportions are completely different.

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Do it anyway, Alex--you can make enough creative, original decisions with it to make it your own.

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Thanks Scott... I really liked this type, but wasn't really sure if it was worth doing something that maybe wasn't so original.
I will give it a try and see what comes out of it.

Anyway, I thank you all for the suport

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I like the look of the drawings you posted; though on the other hand David is right that there are scads of geometric/grid faces out there.

Maybe you could distinguish your face by doing a clean<-->rough/distressed axis, instead of the usual light<-->bold or condensed<-->extended axes. I think part of what can make these geometric faces all feel the same is that they often have razor-clean lines and angles, which comes across as sterile and soulless half the time, at least to me. If you had a clean, idealized version, but also versions that had the warmer look of your hand drawings, I'd want a copy.

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