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"Norah relied on her swank New York upbringing to find a font--Papyrus--and a color--chocolate brown--that would convey quality, class."

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/losee/detail??blogid=100&entry_id=45...

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Si, have you been Googling "Papyrus" again?
You are so swank!

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Nothing quite so classy - just a generic "font" search on Google News... http://www.google.com/news/search?ned=us&hl=en&q=font&cf=all&scoring=n

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Sounds more like Norah relied on a font that, last time I was in SF, every third food-related business was using. I swear, Papyrus really is becoming the font for food identities done on no budget. I’ve seen it used for the menus and identities of every class and variety of restaurant, bakery, caterer, etc.. If I walk over to Barnes & Noble I bet that the “How to Start Your Own Food Business” book shows a set of sample designs that are done in Papyrus.

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I don't think that trend has made it north of the Columbia. Papy hasn't broken out of the spa market up here quite yet.

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