Automatic Sheva NA/NACH Qamats rachav/Qatan in an open type font

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A while back a question was reised if it would be possible to have an open type font that would make these distinction automaticly.

I have developed a font that works 99.9% accurate with Taamey Mikra
arond 90% with Nikud and without Teamim

Stylistic sets 09-10: sheva na\nach qamats rachav/qatan dagesh kal/hazaq
Stylistic sets 03-04: to fix these glyphes un paragraph styles

So theres your ansawr

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I have been away since June or so, but expect to return actively in 2 weeks.

I was shown a source in the famous commentary on the Code of Jewish Law, regarding the Magen Avrahom's views on contextual placement of the shva-na.

There appears to be a grammatical view, based upon the Radak, with three levels of interpretation:
1. Minchas Shai - Shai L'Morah
2. Eliyahu achur - Gra - ArtScroll
3. R' Zalman Henna or Hanau - Chabad USA

There appears to be a contextual view, based upon the Magen Avrahom (based upon the Radak, R' David Kimchi).

Apparently, the view of the Magen Avraham is most accurate, with the other 3 views simply modifying or adding to the rules of the MA.

Hence, automatic shva-na placement will be based upon the MA, with 3 alternative versions.

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