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Hi guys,

this logo is for a music video website - an online place where upcoming artists and talented individuals can upload their music videos to promote themselves.

target group is somewhere below 30. I tried to create a hip logo with a fresh and funky feel to it.
I'm not sure to sure about the type - do the shape (TV+ "what's hot") and colours work?


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reminds me some old microsoft office clipart

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The colors work. I don't see a TV, nor hot, though. And grunge typewriter isn't really 'hip' these days.

Where did the term 'fudge' come from? Perhaps play off that?

Distill/simplify a bit more and see what that produces.

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This looks very 90's to me. I'd go where Darrel has suggested

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thanks for your comments!

I would look to continue working with the TV concept a little since the clients likes that. I have simplified the logo now a little and also made some changes to the script.

any feedback on that?

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It looks a little more current, but now I'm seeing a Marshall's or TJ Max handbag company, or maybe a logo for a new French toasted bagel product at the corner coffee shop.

I'm not getting anything related to music or its promotion. The fudge name works because of its quirkiness, which is what I would try to play off of.


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This is certainly a lot better, but, yea, I guess I agree with Scott...still not quite the right target.

BTW, is there a domain name for this (fudge.tv)? If not, then I'd probably loose the dot-thing. You wouldn't want fudge.tv taken up by a porn site down the road or something. ;o)

OK...one idea...melted ('hot') fudge? Fudge dripping over a TV? Piece of fudge wrapped in a fudge TV wrapper?

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Scott I almost wrote something identical (I mean the same) but the recognized your posting before posting myself, thankfully.

I don't want to start a discussion if being hip is the right starting point for a logo or generally for a business. This mostly has only short reach. (I mean being hip in first place).

I'd be going much more in the music direction. The TV interpretation does not hit the point for me.
Music Videos are much more about music than about video. So maybe try something referring to music and singing.



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Its now its very female oriented, the script and the orange. Bither way what is a budge?

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