need information about hadasa and henry friedlander

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for the purpose of a new internet magazine that i am taking part in it, we are planing to have an article about Hanri Fridnlander and Hadasa. If someone has an important information to share i will appreciate it very much.
and to Israel from gohebrew - if you knew him we will be very glad to meet you or contact you (depense on which country are you from...)
thank you very much

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I don't recall which thread it was, but quite a bit of information about him and his famous work Hadasa was presented by a few people.

When I lived in Israel in 1983 or 1984,I spoke with Heni F. when he was a very old man, after writing to him.

I sent him a royalty check, which he returned.

I think that he called me, and we spoke over an hour together. At one point, he began to cry like a baby, when I told him that the Jewish religious world had accepted him design and was using it extensively in their prayer books and Bible books.

As an experienced type design, Henri revealed to me secrets of excellant Hebrew type design, and he critiqued my interpretation of Hadasa. He pointed only one short coming, and praised my effort as being the most faithful to the original.

I attribute this not to any unique skill. Rather, I am a Lubavitcher chassid, and have studied in depth Chassidic philosophy which emphasizes the importance of not involving one's ego in regard to another.

You may contact me at

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Here is a touching article and there's a bibliography you can follow up on also.

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Well, I have some information via references I've collected. But I don't know if it's "important information"... Are you looking for a certain type of thing? Like personal recollections, design analysis, or what?


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You're in Israel; Go to Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem; also there's a booklet by Fridnlander about Hadasa!!!

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