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Thanks in advance for any thumbs up/down, advice, pointers, or thoughts.

I'm making a logo for "cauzwear," a line of accessories that support some pre-chosen causes. We've all seen the "cause ribbons" (breast cancer... everyone knows that pink ribbon; lymphoma... lime green ribbon; AIDS/heart health is red, and so on) but the client's idea is to take that ribbon to another level of wear-ability. Half of the profit will be donated back to the causes (which are set to expand into more causes, based on the success of the initial line).

The logo should indicate seriousness balanced with movement, spirit and vitality.

The colors you see in this image are part of the branding palette, but the final logo color combo is TBD.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you.




Just what I was hoping to hear. I always learn so much from this place, so thank you.

This round I tried to consider what I wanted to accomplish, not what I wanted to "look" like. I think this is more nuanced, than the last version, though still subtle.

Once again, thank you for any thoughts you may have.


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Catherine, the transition from z to W doesn't feel right. Also, I'm always suspicious when a client asks for the "serious but fun at the same time" sort of thing and I fear you might have taken it too literally by combining those 2 fonts. On one side you have optima (why did you choose it? What does it say to you and what is optima all about anyway?) and on the other some script which does evoke movement but in a too obvious way. Surely there must be a more criative way to combine 2 "contrasting" fonts (if that's what you want) and evoke a certain dynamism?
I also think it could be more compact and more "intense". Maybe you're being too shy, it feels like you're a bit insecure and consequently the logo lacks the necessary boldness. But look: this is only my modest opinion. This is just a suggestion to experiment more and go a bit more c-c-c-c-craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Good luck.

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I see that you were using the ribbon in the 'w' of wear..but maybe you could use one font. and maybe play with a simple ribbon as the 'a' in cauz...

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Hey Lore and Unique, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

I also didn't realize that updating the post wouldn't make it register as "new." :]

Thanks so much.


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Ah! It's a good idea to preserve the original ribbon which is already so well established.
Also I think it's clever to use it instead of the "A". I didn't like that little black and white element. Any meaning or is it only decorative? I think the ribbon alone + text should be fine. The font feels fragile, I personally would go for something more solid and consistent. If you manage to combine than in a creative way, you're done. There are so many logos out there, make yours memorable.

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Is there a reason why it's "Cauz Wear" and not "Cause Wear"? Are they just trying to be cool? If so, I'd say it's too much like a dad tryin' to be hip, homeslice.

Also agree with the comments about it being too fragile. Come up with a solid ribbon mark, and then solid type to support it. I don't think your efforts to combine the mark with the type are working well.


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Lore: The b/w element (a polka-dotted button thingy) has just been chosen as the branding piece for the entire line. Much like the Lacoste alligator that's on every shirt, sock, tie, legwarmer (truth, they made them in the 80s, I still own mine), perfume, bag... The little b/w button will be on the clasp of every necklace, on the card that displays every pair of earrings, and eventually on the clothing line as a small accent. So, this is a non-negotiable portion of the logo; I just tried to incorporate it in a way that wasn't overwhelming.

I agree that the font is a little too wispy. I'll play around with some weights tonight.

And finally, who put the "z" in "cauz"? I don't know, but it's not negotiable at this point, unfortunately. The standard spelling was too close to a pre-existing initiative, so they went with the "z."

Thanks again. Can't wait to try out your ideas later on.

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What's this new trend of people posting all their updated pictures in the first post? It really makes the thread confusing and nonsensical. I can't figure out which posts are referring to which images if all the images are on top and/or replaced randomly by the OP.

I'd like to suggest a time limit on editing the original topic posts. These threads are becoming too confusing to bother reading! If I reply to a new topic, it's weird for the OP to modify to topic I replied to therefore rendering my comment mute (and I can't delete it, because it's just a comment.) Just a thought.

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Oops - weird typo; "modify to topic" is supposed to say "modify the topic."

Notice how I can't go back and edit it because my 15 minutes are up? :)
IMHO, the top post should have the same restrictions.

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Better yet, you could suggest this directly to the moderators and not get me aaaaalllllllll excited about "two new posts," when they aren't remotely related to this thing I'm making, but instead about misplaced frustration pertaining to forum protocol. Sheesh.

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I couldn't resist the urge to get you all excited about another post.

And a big sheesh right back at yah.

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Why is a little black and white button their trademark? If that's the case, just make their mark a simple representation of the button. I'm not seeing it working with the ribbon together as a mark ever.


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Because of the strange spelling of cause/cauz I find using the ribbon as the letter A distracting. I keep reading CUZ WEAR.

If Cauz Wear's mark is the polka dot button then go with that. Incorporating a differently drawn pink ribbon (for example) may lead people to think it is a scam of some sort since the "real" Breast Cancer mark isn't being used. If it is a legitimate partnership, those brands will probably want their mark shown (especially the more established organizations) and not bastardized into combination of the two designs.

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