unicode font suggestions for a FLEX interface

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Im creating a FLEX interface with fonts sizes 18-22, currently using gotham narrow medium, bold and light.

I will need to replace gotham with a Unicode font to support:
- English
- French
- Japanese
- Chinese
- Korean
- Spanish
- Italian
- German
- Portuguese

No foreseeable need for Hebrew or Arabic.

Any suggestions on fonts I can use, preferably with different weights?

Thanks, have a sweet day!

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Myriad Pro for all the Western languages -- some faces are bundled with CS3 and CS4.
Ryo Gothic PlusN for Japanese -- bundled with CS4.
Adobe Heiti for (Simplified) Chinese -- bundled with CS3 and CS4.
SM Gothic Std for Korean.

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thanks miguel! this is my 1st localization effort, and i had a pretty strong hunch 1 font wont do the job, happy you affirmed it. the challenge in this interface will be the possible existence of a few languages simultaneously at the same list .it's gonna be interesting... have a gooday!

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