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I have just been employed as a
graphic designer/signwriter at
a place called "Signz 'n Graphix".
It seems that I have some at a
fortunate time, as we have decided
to totally redesign, starting from
our internal processes to applied
identity. At the moment we design,
print (digital xerox and riso), vinyl
and photographic signage, large
format quality art reproductions.
We want to keep it simple and
apply the branding to business
cards to outdoor signage. I have
chosen Thesis Sans as the main
typeface as it appears to work very
well from large to small. I am thinking
of a pallette of yellow+black, a homage
to nz's road signs and blatant visiblity.
At the moment the building is a purple
colour and promoted as "the purple
place". I think it is quite tired (15 years)
and dated, as the road signage is pretty
much invisible from a distance and
a new building next door blocks the view
of our premises from the road.

The bottom image shows our current
street sign from 50m down the road.
I am trying to get the name spelt
'correctly' - signs & graphics instead
of signz n' graphix, which is a pain
to spell and looks amateurish.

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This is the Front.
mmm, purple.

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Kris --

What you've done already is a huge improvement on what can only be described as ghastly. I like the yellow / black combo, and as much as that purple makes me heave, it would sit as well as anything with it. I love the elegance of logo one, and the second version tickles me. I would also agree that it simply HAS to be spelt right. I'm curious as to what kind of client you receive. The few suggestions you've already mocked up suggest a marked jump in 'quality' of client.

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Kris, your intensions might be right but if the business is registered as siznz and graphix it might cost your company some nz bucks to get it changed even if you can. Someone else might have the name signs and graphics and thats why they used that name in the first place.
As for your graphics The colors are good and I like the pencil with wings, but could you investigate another yellow? Why be exactly like a road sign. Also doesn't yellow fade when exposed to sunlight over time?

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I like your logo v.1, and I have to admit that I, somehow, especially like logo v.2, even with the wings / crest related trendy, stylish items.. :-)
Nice one..

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Logo 2 is nice. Although is it not too stylish for this particular company, considering their current identity?

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"it might cost your company some nz bucks to get it changed"

IANAL, but I believe you could simply state in your legalese 'signz and graphix, doing business as signs & graphics'

I like the pencil icon alot.

Alas, perhaps that's TOO nice for your target market?

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Looks like a real challenge you have ahead of you Kris. Currently, I would be embarrassed to drive into this parking lot. I might even where sunglasses and a trenchcoat before getting out of my car and walking in. But it seems like you could really transform this companies identity into something spectacular. Looks like fun! You could approach it in many ways. There is something strangley interesting and friendly about the shape of the building. It could be really cool to incoorporate an icon of the building with Logo #1 Almost like rest stop signage. It's a not so special building that could be made to feel really important and sophisticated. Anyway, just a thought, GOOD LUCK!

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Would it be possible to dig up some of the shrubbery in front of the building? It's not helping the visibility issue. Maybe some lower flowering plants/shrubs would work better. This is a forum for landscape design, right?


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BTW...WHAT is that sign on the street represent (the one with the curvy arrow crossing a line?)

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Seems like: Attention! car could dive. This is definitly not self explaining. Best marketing for the firm I suppose. What about setting your Logotype just beneath this? You might get in conflict with the authority but the first few months it would be a killer.



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>>WHAT is that sign on the street represent (the one with the curvy arrow crossing a line?)

The fat arrow shows the lay and direction the road
follows, the thin line shows the lay of another road.
The fat arrow has right of way, cos it is bigger. I have
never noticed it before, actually. Um!

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I think what you've done is a huge improvement. I feel your pain as far as the existing stuff goes, and am glad they are ready for a redesign. Good luck convincing them on the name change, too. They need it.

I worked at a similar place and the owner wanted lots of those little sideways triangles on everything because they were all over an Elvis Presly calendar he had and thought they were the coolest deign element ever. Ugh.

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