Extra Ornamental No. 2

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Hi all. I suppose this is the correct place to place this question....but I was trying to find:

a) what type is Extra Ornamental No. 2 by House of Lime based off?? I'm looking for a the face without the degradation/ flourishes...just the plain letterforms.
b) any similar faces that have the same feel??

Thanks for any suggestions + comments!



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It's shown in the Solotype Catalog (p.16) as Tuscan Floral.

- Mike Yanega

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Dieter Steffmann is one person who has revived many of these vintage ornamental typefaces. Sometimes he changes their names, and his page doesn't display them in an overview. Dan Solo of Solotype has also revived many in digital form in recent years, but not sure about this particular typeface. A somewhat similar type is Showboat, which is an alias name I'd guess.

- Mike Yanega

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Any suggestions to a similar face? I checked out myfonts.com and noticed a lot of similar fonts are listed under "tuscan" styled fonts...just trying to find something similar.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

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The type of font you're looking for is more specifically known as bifurcated serif. It is often mixed with tuscan serifs.

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