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Hi Everyone,

I've been watching this forum for a couple of years, and it is my first time posting.

I am working on a self-initiated project - a logo for Tel Aviv Printmaking Workshop.
Currently came up with this idea:

What do you think? Any help is appreciated,

Thank you.

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I think the TA may be too subtle. I'm not sure if you really need it.

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I thought that the TA is what probably makes this a logo. I initially had just the table, it seemed to me more like a pictogram.
Here are the table variants:

The last one is another typophile T ;-)

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Could something hang off the front side of the table to give a slight break to the T's cross bar? That might make the 't' pop a bit more.

Right now I see a very obvious (and nice) A but the T isn't popping as well.

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Thanks, I tried but it seemed too disconnected...
Also tried this:

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Not too many comments ;-)
Boring? Should I change the concept?

Anyway, another attempt to make TA more readable:

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I think the one in your Aug 24 post is getting there. Optically, the T doesn't feel centered, so you may want to nudge that some more.

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thanks aluminum ,
I guess you mean Aug 14 :)

Do you mean moving the stem of the T more inside?
Doesn't the totally black 'roof' seem too heavy?

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Sorry, yes. Aug 14. I'm thinking move the stem of the T more towards the near edge.

I think the black roof does feel heavy. Perhaps make the paper white?

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Making the paper white does not work,
unless I change the background to non white :-(
I did some variations, 1 - is same as before,
2 - moving T stem forward, 3 - moving it even more.

Do any of these look reasonable? Thanks!

(I want to have a logo in BW, then it may be easily
used for embossing it on etching paper.)

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i think someting inbetween the 6 and 7. I like most the 7th but i dont like the way i finsish on the right. For that part i like most the 6th. Have you tried to make a A less wide, i'd like too see that, i think the A could be ehanced but i can't point how...
The 8th is also very intersting.

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Actually, what if you did put a background color in there? That might help the letter/legs pop a bit more and then give you that white sheet.

Otherwise, I agree with lefty in that something like 6 or 7 is on the right track. The table top needs to be a tad thicker, IMHO.

I still think the 'T' can be nudged down/towards the viewer a bit. Might be mechanically incorrect but I might help optically.

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Hi, thanks for the comments,
I'll play with the A, see if I can make it less wide ...
there is actually something about 7 being sort of free shape, that I liked, still I agree it does not sit well. 8 might be interesting, cause it can support the T readability, if increasing the left black table stripe a bit,... ?
If I add background - then do I put the logo inside circle, square, or do you mean something else?

I'll try to make variations based on comments and will post the updates,
thanks again!

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