Good G's

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Does anyone know of or have any examples of nice loooking 'g' characters?
I'm looking for something modern, either serif or sans serif...

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"G" or "g"?

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Your best bet would likely be to visit MyFonts, Veer or FontShop and search on the style and enter the "g" to view live samples. Can be tedious but still the fastest route I've found to find a specific look to a character.

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This jpeg is from a German design blog. I can't seem to find the original post, but the graphic is here:

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Oh yes, good one, Jonathan!
Here’s the link:
More in this thread:

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I'm partial to serifed modern Gs myself: Modern No. 20

So cute with the little seedling sprout sticking out of its little forehead!

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Peter Bruhn's Mercury comes to mind.
Here are some of my more novel binoculars.
(Interesting from the perspective of reading theory, for this showing I had to re-jig the vertical alignment to the top of the letters, not the baseline.)

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I almost posted Scotch Modern as my archetypal lovely Modern g example!

I just love the letters GQR agt and numbers 2 and 3 in that style. Upon further inspection, I quite like that fj ligature as well!

Forgive me, though, for straying from the topic of g. That last curvy one is pretty neat, I think.

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Fantastic! Thanks for you helps guys! I'm looking for lower case 'g's.
Something modern but with a bit of personality.. Preferably with an ear...
There have already been some great posts!

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I've always gotten a kick out of Frantisek Storm's Farao g:

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If you look for just 1 letter. I would just design that letter :D

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