Appropriate font for technical manual

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I need to design a manual for a company that I work for. The subject matter is quite dry; surveying, sampling and data collecting protocol for a mining company. I am going to try to make it a bit more interesting with diagrams, and photos.

What might be a good font choice for this sort of document? I was thinking of Minion Pro, but would like to have something that has more of a modern feel..


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Perhaps something along the lines of architectural blueprints – a rounded sans like Bryant or Gotham Rounded?

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Sun or Taz from Lucas de Groot

Mikey :-)

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Chevin is quite informational in appearance , but with a bit of character.

Nick Cooke

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Choose a font that has a clearly different numeral 1, capital I, and lowercase l.

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I've always wanted to try Mercury or Whitman for my tech pubs and new business proposals. I might also try substituting Starling for TNR and see if anyone notices.

Other fonts I've considered in this context include:

Swift 2.0

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Hi again:

I would choose a sans for the text for vertical and horizontal compactness... however Minion is a good choice tho, but you might like Karmina too (it has a little more personality without giving up the efficiency):

I almost forgot—FF UNIT. This font is dead center neutral and is compact too:

Mikey :-)

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could be a job for univers?

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Just took a look at FF Slab Unit I think I may try to convince the powers that be to buy that one.

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I second Univers

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You might look at Kepler, by the same designer as Minion. There are many variants of weight, width and optical size, but you can get the four basic styles inexpesively as a part of Adobe Type Basis OpenType Edition.

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I have to dissent against Univers—the default choice for annual reports and manuals for eons and it has the personality of a CAT scan.

Flama accomplishes the same things, has more personality (but is still neutral) and costs significantly less... and not everyone and their grandmothers design agency uses it.

or here

Mikey :-)

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ha ha "personality of a CAT scan"..I will have to use that in a sentence this week!

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