BVTIGA logotype-high contrast sans

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Creating a logo for my future portfolio. Got inspired by roman inscriptions across my town(Zadar, Croatia) and here is the result.

BVTIGA or butiga is a word of italian origin and it can be translated to shop, manufacture...

What do you think? Any technical, optical problems?


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In itself, it's not bad. But you'll always be under the shadow of Bulgari


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Did think of that, but not sure what to do about it. Maybe to ditch V and put U instead.

Maybe to try with serifs. Oh, yes Bulgari has them :D.

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Very clean and great looking, but it is for a straight-on Bvlgari reference. Both start with BV, both have GA and about the size number of letters, very similar in the use of the typeface and black/white palette (which is a minor issue obviously). I don't think changing BV to BU will suffice, the type needs to be changed to something completely different to break Bvlgari association. Perhaps also consider switching to the lowercase ?

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It's funny to see how the change of name gets rid of Bvlgari reference. And yes, start with BV does make this reference stronger. I don't think that lowercase is answer, especially as I want caps and this extended style of typeface.

Rethinking is probably the answer. This is exactly design of typeface that I wanted, and also the name Butiga that I like so much.

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Does this make it more different, more itself with an U instead of V?

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Worked on contrast a little and created two new variations.

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Had a little time and created new characters. Critique welcomed.

p.s I know it has some quirks and errors, feel free to comment it.

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