(x) Gap logo - Spire {James}

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Hi all! This may have been posted before, but I am new to the site. I tried to do a search, but a search for "the gap" produces way too many irrelevant results.

Can someone please help me identify the typeface used in "the gap" logo? Old or new would be fab, both would be even BETTER.

Thanks much!

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I think you're looking for Spire

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oooh, I assume an example would help, huh? whoops! here we go. again, hard to find it without getting tons of irrelevant results. Gap Logo

Can't find the old one, but I think the new one would be better, anyway.

Thank you!

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James, it looks like we crossed paths. You are SO awesome. Thank you so so so much!


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He is, isn't he? And best of all, he finds about everything in our archives. :-)

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