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This isn't a logo per se. It's to be used as a graphic element in a brochure. The line "Indoor Multi-Purpose" will change for each award category. Because of the shape of the A and B I had to optically center the type and the line beneath. I've been staring at this too long and could use some fresh eyes. Does the type look centered and balanced? Other suggestions/comments are welcome as well.

Thanks, your feedback will be appreciated.

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it's hard to tell at this size, but

ASAB: the SA looks a little tight
next line: the FAC might be a little tight
2009: might need to move a smidgeon to the left

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Here's a larger version for critique.

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The "SA" is a touch too close. Also, I'd change the green of "Indoor multi-purpose" to either the black, or the green of the laurel.


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I'd consider making a ligature of the AB combination, as they already almost touch. I'd say that SA is more than a touch to close. Agree on the colours.

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Thanks everyone. I adjusted the SA spacing. Also changed the "Indoor..." to black. I had originally tried it in the laurel green but there wasn't enough contrast and it got lost.

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In general I think the type looks a bit large - the leaves seem to be crowding the letters within.

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