Academic Year Notation for Resume

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Is there a typographical "best practice" for setting an academic year in a resume? Some of the things I have tried (in TeX notation [i.e. --=en-dash]):

2006--2007 AY
2006--2007 A. Y.
2006--2007 Academic Year

'06--'07 AY
'06--'07 A. Y.
'06--'07 Academic Year

2006/2007 AY
2006/2007 A. Y.
2006/2007 Academic Year

'06/'07 AY
'06/'07 A. Y.
'06/'07 Academic Year

My main concern was that the en-dash would mean all of 2006 and 2007, being somewhat contradictory to the "Academic Year" part, and that the slash would be bad typographical practice without kerning. If I use the slash, would it be better to use old-style figures or lining? Space is a bit of a concern, so I really would like to avoid using the "Academic Year" version.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I've always just used August 2006 - May 2007. In any case, the norm to say "The Academic Year 2006-2007", so the typed/written one I (would) think would go along those lines.

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 When tweaking my résumé, I used the form “Academic year 2001–’02”.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

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Oxford Guide to Style / Hart's Rules suggest "2006/7" etc., for non-calendar-year date spans, and give the example "the tax year 1934/5".
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