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I flat with a chap who writes some
things every now and then. He would
quite like to see it in print, so I decided
to 'publish' him. To do this, I have invented
the Papercut Press. (Inspired while using
the guillotine at work). Naturally, Papercut
has to have a logo, so I have made a few
variations. What do you all think?


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Hi Kris,

The paper/guillotine image is effective, especially in your 3rd example. This could be developed futher. Have you tried it as a black mark with the outline reversed out?
I like the 4th variation also, although the combination of letters might be read as 'dp'.

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I definitive go with the first three images. i like the mix between text and image, in terms of weight i think the first one is the better, the only thing i would work on is on centering the line between Papercut and Press like in your second image.

nice done


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Kris, I think it's well-made, and the font choice is good, but it's too predictable.
If you could get the logo to cause a smile of surprise, that would be great.


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Thanks for the comments. I wanted the
logo originally to be humorous, but it
got a little serious along the way. The
font is custom, Hrant, and it is predictable.
I think I might give Klim Sans a whirl!
Keep the humour Kris, keep the humour

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Wait, I didn't mean that the font* was predictable!
I meant that the logo ("document icon" + "guillotine") was.

* And you say it's custom? As in you made it? Niiice.


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* And you say it's custom? As in you made it? Niiice.

Yeah, I made it. It is one of the million variations
of kilbirnie serif. Erm, I'll finish one day. Garrr

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hey kris, do you have a web site containing your work. I would love to see it.


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impo,the logo could be siplified and abstrated more. Right know it communicates the name just fine however it dosn't tell me anything more.(on an abstract level). Also right know it feels more like an illustration than a logo. My gut also tells me the logo should be more sharp and severe. All the way down to the typography. I tend to think of where this logo might be used. I don't feel like it would hold up on the spine of book at a very small size. The PP ligature looks like dp. The typeface is actually pretty nice come to think of it.

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"If you could get the logo to cause a smile of surprise, that would be great."

For the record, I smiled. ;o)

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How about incorporating a second color (red)? That's the color anyone who gets a paper cut encounters... You don't want to get gory, but I could imagine a thin red line in there somehow... :-)


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What about having the blade of the document slicing into a letterform? Too obvious?

Beautiful work, btw. Love the idea.

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I really like the logo, to me thats a clever idea. Even if it was a bit predictable its still memorable. Number one works the best for me, with the stronger stroke on the symbol it should still look good printed at smaller sizes.
The other concept with the PP ligature is lacking the spirit of the first ones.

Great work.

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The position of the paper/blade in the third example creates a sense of tension and potential energy that's engaging.

What if the tip of the paper/blade slightly overlapped the word 'Papercut'? That would set up a dimensional sort of chopping block illusion.

Looks good Kris.

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