Looking for font with mix of upper & lower case in upppercase

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I'm am looking for a font that is similar to the attachment. I contacted the company and this is a logo design and not a full font. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your help.

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ITC Avant Garde Gothic Alternate has some cap height lowercase alternates such as a, e and m. (Click on Stylistic Alternates to view.)

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Font Bureau's ITC Franklin has unicase alternates:

You might try searching for "unicase" too.

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Thank you so much! This is really helpful. :)

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For your search, I also think some people are calling the 'biforms'?


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there is an old thread around here somewhere with almost the same title. i remember someone had mentioned Disturbance. the quite like the regular weight.


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I think the "e" in the logo is nothing but a "G" flipped vertically and then with the bar extended. All the other letters are capitals.


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For your search, I also think some people are calling the ’biforms’?

And still others use the term "unicase." [EDIT] D'oh! Altaira already mentioned it.

One well-known typeface in this category is Bradbury Thompson's Alphabet 26, but there are others.

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unic (Unicase) is even an opentype feature tag and you can select it in Hypatia Sans Pro: if you write "lettering delights" in smallcaps except fot the "e" for which you choose "unicase" as Letter Case, you get

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