Mars Serif & Mars Stencil

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Lettering at first was drawn for Miroslav Krleza's book Croatian God Mars - it's about WW I and tragedy of life in Croatia. At first it was drawn as a high contrast stencil serif display lettering. And then it expanded with more letters and then started redrawing to create regular serif, just that it will need some contrast re-adjusting to become text typeface.

Started as a college(Department for the Design of Visual Communications at Arts academy in Split) project with guidance of Nikola Djurek (, and now trying to produce whole set of display serif typeface.

Also started to create wide selection of ligatures and swash combinations.

Currently all caps, and hope to start digitizing lower case drawings.

Mars Stencil.pdf554.67 KB
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This looks interesting. Spacing needs work. Can you post a pdf so we can have a proper look?

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Spacing needs some work. Posted a pdf. Please note that everything is still in Illustrator and all shapes are not merged so has some quirks.

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Now, that's a tasty stencil.

The serifs have issues, though. Some of the serifs aren't aligned with the bottom of the stems. The serif of the top arm of the K has weird artifacts (and the leg is wobbly). The stem of the B has strange artifacts as well. The swash-R leg doesn't connect to the bowl.
In other words, quite a few small inconsistencies. But I like the overall look, it's not a style you would expect to be stencilled, which is very nice.

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