confused on how to set the width of the document to double upm size ....(not entirley sure wot upm/units Per eM is )

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instructions from fontlab

in the paragraph below to import a font correctly from illustrator

Still in Illustrator, select File > New. Set the width of the document in
points to be the double of the UPM size of your font (e.g. 2000 pt for a 1000
UPM font). Set the height of the document to be the same as UPM size –
Descender (e.g. 1000 – (–263) = 1263 pt). Select Window > Info, View >

Typically TrueType fonts have UPM (Units Per eM – the size
of the grid on which all glyph coordinates are defined) equal to
2048. Type 1 fonts have UPM equal to 1000.

to clarify here is were im confused

Set the width of the document in
points to be the double of the UPM size (mmm ok wot is the upm size is that double the size of the grid the font is made on)

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UPM -- units per measure. So if your units in Illustrator happen to be points, use 2 * 1000 points. If they are in mm, use 2 meters (sounds a bit large); and if you are a stickler for inches, bring out the extra wide screen.

I think the main point is, you should have a rectangle of twice the font em square in units that are convenient to recalculate to 1/1000ths, i.e., for any coordinates on your 2000 x 1263 square (in points, mm, or in fuzzwots -- okay I made that last one up), you shouldn't bother about fractions of your measurement unit.

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i realy am sorry im still confused

i have setup the document in points so i belive that the
the ruler measure by points to

bottom of the letterP my descender is = o pts
top of letter b ascender =

so i measure the height from descender to ascender then double this measurement is that correct will that give me
the upm

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There are now three threads like this live here. Would Build be a better area for these questions?

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UPM is generally a function of the desired end font format. As explained in your quote above: Postscript/CFF OTF = 1000 upm, TrueType TTF = 2048 upm.

These values are not absolute requirements, but they are the general working standards. You'll need to set your Illustrator document accordingly, then scale your drawings to fit the way you want.

Next time, draw in FontLab to begin with and save yourself the headache. Illustrator is not a type design tool.

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i am struggling with some of the terminolgy used, but im sure i can learn this with help and support from the forums which ur guys are giving me and i realy aprreciate ur patience and ur help ok ....

ok back to the task

i have not a problem setting up a document to points

700pts for a font size this mean the font is nearly the same size as an a3 document.. that seems extraordinary large, for one letter

cos 1 unit in fontlab is 1point in illustrator yep ..

but it does match close to the letter in the gylph window
which are gray in colour....

so i think thats on the right track

see if thats right , i might be on the right track, but if
not aggghhh ?? lol


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The value 700 pts as a physical measurement is only valid in Illustrator, because there you have to work with physical measurements. In Fontlab, on the other hand, you can only interpret the value "700" in one way: 700 units of the 1000 (or 2048) em-square.

When working in Illustrator, you don't have to worry about the actual size of the character you draw. You only have to pay attention to its size relative to the document size, which should have em-square like proportions.

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ok when i have imported the letter in and change the x height ,descender and ascender to match illustrator guide lines in fontlab the line are in the same position it matches so is that correct then job done for import part.... i have not done the width

and i used the transform panel to convert the letter to 700pts even if it is not necessary in illustrator first.

and the upm is the scaling method for when the type is formatted in postscript ect.

if havent got that correct now.. im dumber than i thought lol

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