illustrator and measurements in fontlab when importing fonts nice 1 begginer

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i use th information pallete in illustrator which gives the measurements

width 144pt

height 216pt

do i use the same measurements in fontlab

also my grid is setup at: illustrator gridline = 72 pt

illustrator subdivs = 8

now will this make problems but the text i designed fits inside the grid in illustrator at these measurements as the vidoe on u tube


illustrator gridline = 10 pt

illustrator subdivs = 10

now is this a BETTER GRID TO USE WHEN importing into FONTLAB

or is different and to each font i thought it would be as change the grid in illustrator
and experment differnt sizes when making a font

cheers any help or lol this confusing me

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RTFM. Really. It tells you exactly how to draw in Illustrator to import into Fontlab. I realize that its capitalization, proper punctuation, and complete sentences are intimidating, but it will be worth the effort.

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