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I've been working on a museum catalogue for an exhibition related to art from the kingdom of Ayutthaya in Thailand. The interior design is going well I think, but for some reason I'm stuck on the cover. I will post a couple of my rather uninspired versions here in two posts. The text font is Jenson, the display font, which you see here, is Industria, used on the inside in this same yellow color. I'm set with these faces for the interior. I'm also committed to this manuscript image for the cover. Can anyone help me to think more creatively about this?


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Here's another attempt.


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I prefer the first version, it's not so wishy-washy

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Thanks, Daniel

I was thinking about this last night, and I finally came up with some ideas to improve it, I think (starting from the first version but insetting the art and adding some rules).

Regarding the rounded fonts, I wanted to avoid the curvy look you see at Thai restaurants, which I think is kind of a cliche. My feedback at the museum is that this font does -- strangely -- evoke a bit of Thai quality.


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Tom a couple of ideas: 1. Try making the color image smaller and offset it a bit asemtrical. Create some tension don't justify everything it looks like a text book. 2. Think matt/gloss use an aquious coating and then print a matt varnish leaving only the color image glossy. 3. Make the image smaller and instead of a solid background use a ghosted version of the color image full bleed in one color. 4. If you have it in your budjet, think in terms of embossing or stamping.

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Good suggestions, Daniel, thanks.

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They are both good, Tom, but I prefer the second version. FWIW, Paul

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Nice of you to say, Paul. I've done a few more since these. Still can't find one I like. Eventually it will get there if it marinates long enough I guess.

But I like your "The Light at Montauk Point, Long Island."

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