Barrilito released

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Hello friends!
Cocijotype is proud to announce its first font release, Barrilito, a heavy funny typeface based in wood and linoleum engraving. It has a lot of ligatures to make typesetting for titles more interesting. Available at MyFonts

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Good to know you are active, Elí. And the font is very nice indeed. Congratulations.

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Thanks Cristobal, I'm really satisfied with this work. Cheers!

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Congrats on you first release, Elí. It's looking *very* nice. I can imagine you're being satified with it.

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Is not the first good work of Eli, it is the second! The first one Barricada was published by Sudtipos. Congrats Eli!

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Relaxed and inviting, well done, Elí!


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Nice new voice in type!

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@ Jos. That's right, I'm very satisfied with this effort.
@ Ale. Thanks, I have learnt so much of you. This is only the beggining!
@ Dezcom. Thanks Chris.
@ William. Thank you very much.

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