Crit regarding my logo...

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hey, hej guys (and gals ;-) )

I am currently working on a small personal website for reference purposes... Included will be a portfolio with some of my recent work and contact info... No big deal really... I also developed some sort of own identity (consisting of a logo) which will be a cornerstone of the site...

Could you tell me what you think about my logo? (jr are the initials of my first name)

Cheers :-)

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What are you doing?
what is the logo supposed to tell us?

At first glance, i'ld say you're a DJ. If you are, you're almost there, some adjustment are needed but it's pretty good. If not, you may need to redefine what you want people to learn about you when they see you logo. You want your logo to represent you and what you do.

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I quite like it, not vastly orriginal, but good.
Also the slant may be a little strong as i immediately found myself tilting my head to read it.


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Quite nice as is.

From purely geometrical perspective - have you tried rotating the logo CCW a bit more so that j's descender (where it exits the circle) was pointing precisely down and then moving a drip there (and removing the second drip) ? I think it may look interesting.

Oh, and I would get rid of the : in that case.

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hey guys,

thanks a lot for your input... Well, I just recently finished my studies in graphic-/visual design and I am trying to figure out a good way of presenting myself and my portfolio. I don't know if the logo really delivers that message, but it could be interpreted as some stencil where to much paint had been applied or even a paint bomb. What I am trying to deliver is, that I like the rough approach and also like to mix traditional and modern ways of designing (by what I mean, that I am not the kind of person who creates everything on his Mac, when the real deal is already out there and one just has to scan it in - a piece of fabric for example...).

epsilicon: I've played around with the drips quite a bit already -- flipping them, changing their sizes and so on... -- However, I like your idea of "making the font drip and will give it a try. I added the : to leave things I do up for discussion... It could also be interpreted as an introduction to a presentation. So when the logo is added to a photo of mine for example, it reads as if it's presenting the piece. Do you think it's confusing? Is it too bumpy, is there too much going on?

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have you tried to do it as a stencil for real?
might give you some ideas.

And I like the :, i would keep it :)

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The ball of the bottom drip is pulling my attention away from your name. I'd just smooth those edges at the bottom a little so it's less distracting.

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At first glance the drips looked like legs on a round character that's leaning backwards. I don't get a paint ball from that, way too round and perfect. I think stencli might also be bit of a strech, again way to perfect.

Doing some real stencil work with your mark as Frambwaze suggested is a good idea. I think you should do that after you're done with the type, shape and placement. That would add some originality to it, try to use to much paint, too little, do it sloppy and see what kind of variations you get. Would be cool if you could see some part a little smudged or blurry with to little paint or something like that. Also maybe doing something with the circle so you would get more of a variation when you do the stencil.

I also reacted with a little head tilt when I tried to read it. The tilt dosent feel right, I'd play around with that some more. The type I like I don't think you need to do much about that if you don't want to.

Another thing that would help getting across the message of a graphic designer is colour. I'd start to add and play around with colours after the stencil work, maybe use three or four colours.

Yeah.. I'd say go for the stencil.

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you could also do some tests with several colours when you do the stencil, that might give some interesting results.

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I'm seeing a jolly fat man looking up. Give it some arms and it could be fun.

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Hey guys...

ok, sorry – I was way too busy during the last week so I didn't get a chance to respond. Anyway – first off: thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it... When you're at the beginning of your design career, just out of university, it's great to get advise from professionals. I think you know that – just right after uni you feel uncertain and always question your decisions, if the design-decisions you took was right.

I share your objectives – like the one with the (lets call him 'obese' ;-) ) man. I realized that after looking for some time at my logo and playing around with it, I thought it was only me but obviously it's not. So this needs some tweaking for sure. I feel it might be the drips looking like legs, I'll work on that. I quite like the idea with the arms though ;-)

Also you're right with the shape – that it's probably way to 'perfect' to be a paint-bomb or stencil. I'm going to print it out and make a real stencil out of it... and do some stuff with it during night *hehe* ;-) .

Regarding the colours: well, I quite liked it's black simplicity. It looks rougher like taht I guess. However I will also give that a try...

I am going to keep the :

I am also going to play around with the tilt, I also think of it as a bit too extreme now...

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ok, I reworked the drips and also tried to combine it with the type... I also enlarged the type and reduced the tracking. The extreme tilt is no more. It's funny that when you stare at your work for too long, you don't recognize certain things no more. Like the tilt — I felt it was ok but when you guys mentioned it, I thought 'wait a minute... it is a little extreme' :-)

tomorrow I'm gonna cut it out and do some stencils on wallpaper... still I feel the logo needs a little more tweaking so what do you think? :-)

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Only thing striking me that it's a little 'bottom-heavy, meaning the type is maybe a tad too small in the dot...Also the dot on the j anfd the top dot of the punctuation mark don't weem to align. Looks pretty solid already though.

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My only objection is that the drips don't look “drippy” enough. They look like wax drips that dried and hardened on the side of a candle. I think it might help if they came straight down from the circle shape instead of starting their curves right at the circle-drip junction.

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Hey guys...

I normally don't do this – coloring the logo before it's final. However, I had a little spare time on my hands, so I started fooling around with the logo a little bit. If you think it's horrible please tell me :-) The drips are getting worked on and I'll make a stencil over the weekend and post the results as well... Also, I'll check the type and reset it....


p.s.: I am aware that the stenciled draft might cause trouble with low resolution printers or when I set it in B&W (or somebody photocopies a document with this logo on)... That's why I though, it wouldn't be a bad idea if I vary the use of the logo by keeping it's main visual aspects – the insides aka. the circle with drips and the type – and diversifying the rest depending on use, occasion or medium. Like the stenciled logo might work on the www, the transparent-slide/screenprint one on slides and the b&w one on the web, paper and keynote presentations.

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hey guys

I did some stencils, however they didn't work out nicely. I'll do some more tomorrow. however, I did rework the drips – I now fear that they might become too fragile and thin when the logo is scaled down...

Thanks for all your help :-)

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ok, I finally got somewhere. did some stencils last night. the type isn't as clear but I mean that's just what I expected – in the end it is stencil spraying. I didn't even have to edit it too much after scanning in several of the sprayed samples.

What do you think?

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I like it.
However one word of caution. The stencil screams young, cool, and trendy which, even if it is what you are after, may be seen by potential clients as the extent of your design abilities. The same is true about the grafiti links of the stencil; some, myself included, love the graphic aspect of grafiti, but some will have a very negative association.


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the latest version looks very nice. But I would smudge it a lot more because when you scale this down it's going to look clean and sharp. The sprayed bit looks ok scaled down but the type becomes very neat and dosen't have the same feel anymore.

You could try swiping your hand over it just after spraying. Or add too much color and tilt the paper right afterwards. Or use a straw to blow through just after spraying.

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hey guys,

tweaked the mentioned 'neatness' ;-) — updated version beneath.


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