Help me find a suiting font for my logo

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I´m working on a logo for a health care organisation, and the idea is to integrate a symbol I´ve made into the text in the logo. Last letter of the text is "d" and the symbol looks similar to the letter "d".

The symbol fits quite nice in combination with bauhaus and similar fonts, here it´s combined with Horatio bold.
But I´m not sure. I would like to find a font that look a bit more strict and serious. To me this is a little bit too playful for health care. But I kind of like the symbol. Any suggestions for a more subtle font that still would look good combined with the symbol?

Eventually the logo will have another colour than black. I might accent the cross in the d/symbol in some way too.


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What you have looks pretty good in terms of matching the symbol with the font. If you pick a different font for a more "subtle" look, you will need to re-draw the symbol, unless you are looking for another round geometric font.

For example, would FF Max or FF Dax, in one of it's wider variants, work for your design?

- Mike Yanega

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Hmm, FF Cocon has an interesting shape that adds more movement to these letters.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks bowfinpw! I think FF Dax might work. At least I´m gonna give it a try.

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if you like FF Max, you might try DTL Argo as well, from Dutch Type Library.

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