How to change the name of a font ?

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Ok i have a nifty problem. I'm working in a long technical books with Indesign, and i'm running a script that change italics in the text to Charactere styles. The script only works if the italics are named as italics.

But Archer is using 'Book italic' as a name and not 'italic' so the script doesn't work… !

Is there anyway i can correct this in the font file, using a text editor, or is too complicated/impossible ?
I have no code abilities, btw.

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it's an OTF file…

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Search and replace?

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searching into footnotes, i think its not possible…

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You should not correct this in the font file. It would be like distilling diesel fuel for your car with petrol (gasoline) engine. There must be another way.


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To me it makes more sense changing the script to recognize "Book Italic" than changing the font. Besides, Archer's EULA might not even allow you to modify the font.

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searching into footnotes, i think its not possible…

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Thanks for choosing Archer for your project. If you'd like to contact me directly, I'd be happy to see what I can do to help.


Ksenya Samarskaya
Font Development, Hoefler & Frere-Jones
samarskaya [at] typography [dot] com

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This thread has some similarities to another over at the InDesign Scripting forum. Miguel Sousa already suggested that it would be wiser -- not to mention much simpler -- to modify a script than to change the names in a font family. The script discussed over on the ID forum is a standard *.JSX javascript, not compiled, so it can be modified. And the author, [Jongware], might well happen along here, to explain things better. Still, his contributions over there mention the strategy of temporarily changing the fonts in an InDesign document to a family using the the usual variants (regular, italic, bold, and bold italic) in order to run the JSX script that relies on them. After running the script, InDesign's "Find Font" command can quickly change all instances of, say, Times NR's "italic" to Archer's "book italic". As for footnotes, InDesign's can search them, but only if that is included in the search options: check out the options disguised as icons below "Search:" on the Find/Change menu.


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Ah. The request did ring some bells :-)

Yes, David is correct on both accounts. Changing the font temporarily doesn't do no harm, and I forgot Find/Change in InDesign can be explicitly set to exclude footnotes ...

Theunis de Jong,
a.k. (elsewhere) a. [Jongware]

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This morning it suddenly occured to me. It is no problem at all.

What NLX should do is first replace his "Book Italic" with a character style of choice and only then run the script to apply character styles to the rest of italics. The script is smart enough to leave existing character styles unchanged!

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Why would one need a script at all?
Step one: define character style "italic" using font of your choice:

Step two: search for italic format:

Step three: replace in the whole document, including all footnotes:

But then, I could be missing something :)

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"The script" has been mentioned a few times without any background story, so perhaps I should explain a bit further.

Preptext.jsx searches for any combination of bold, italic, superscript, subscript, underline, and small caps (and, by editing a few out-commented lines, strikeout). It creates character styles for each combo found and applies these to the text, so when editing you no longer can remove them by accident.

In this particular case, some work has to be done by hand (preserving a special version of italics) but, honestly, in most cases it works nigh on perfect ...

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Thanks for all, it helps a lot !

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