Running Website Logo - Please Crit!

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Would love any feedback on the type, readability, and graphic execution. This mark is for a running website designed by runners, for runners. They provide tools and resources to enhance your running experience - everything from record trackers and race photos to event info and nutrition & training tips.



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Loving the foot – not so keen on the rest of the letters.

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It's a really clever treatment, and it interacts well with the other characters. It's in really good shape right now, so my criticisms are a little nit-picky:

You should work on cleaning up your curves a little; some of the bulginess and awkward curves can be attributed to attempting to force an n and a u into a foot. However, you should make it look either like a very realistic foot outline or abstract and stylized. I'd lean towards the latter — you should have smooth curves but still be able to make the foot recognizable.

I'm not so sure about the placement of the period — I'm still reading it as "," because my brain is trained to read it that way, but when I look at the ".com" independently I'm confused to see the dot just kind of floating there.

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Very nice logo as is with an exception of .com styling and placement. The .com part looks completely foreign and it sticks out visually.

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Yeah, solve the '.com' treatment and you've got yourself a nice little concept here.

The letters of the logotype are a bit too modular for my tastes. They don't seem to mesh well with the roughness of the shoe track. Their basic shape works well with the shape of the footprint, but there's something about the simplicity of the 'r' and the 'u's that get to me.


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I really like the idea here, but for me the foot is a bit too loopy/informal in contrast to the rest of the letters. Which is basically what penn just said :)

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I echo the dot com problem. The dot seems too tiny in comparison with the thicker type. Definitely gets lost. I also think the foot, while nice, is too narrow in comparison to the larger blue type. Those shapes sit wider and the foot feels a little diminutive amongst the rest. Just a little though. I like the tread of the foot and the execution is nice.


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