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okay...first things first...I'm new to typography and fontlab and really do not spell too well... but really need to solve a problem.

I am attempting to convert/edit the open typeface (font?) hiragino kaku gothic...however, when I open it in Fontlab I get a totally different font...the new font has serifs while the original hiragino kaku gothic does not. I can not open it with transtype. I have been searching the net all day long and have run out of answers...

please Heeeelp!


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Avoiding the question of the legality of what you're doing (my feeling is that Apple do not allow the conversion of their fonts).

What exactly are you trying to do and why? Also what version of FL are you using and on which platform. A guess is that you might need Asia Font Studio to mess with an E. Asian font. FL has a 6,400 char limit.

Cheers, Si

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