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Does anyone else have as much trouble with the letter s as I do? I just can't seem to win.

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I have a particular adversion to the Capital letter "D"

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I agree...as a lefty, when writing, I have always had troubles with not only Ss, but also
5s and 8s.
Now in typography, it is even a bigger issue.

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I used to have a lot more trouble with the "S" particularly in really heavy weights.

One trick that has helped a bit is to get rid of the on-curve points at the inflection points on the spine of the S until the shape is perfect and finalized. Using only the vertical control points to control each side of the spine curve helps immensely.

I think that Leslie Cabarga may have mentioned this in his "Logo, Font & Lettering Bible."



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Leslie does mention it.

That book is awesome, chuck-full-of-info/insights/tips and a definite must to the budding designer like myself. (No, I'm not a paid endorser. I think you have to be well known for that sort of thing.)

Oh, and I agree about the "S" thing.

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