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Hi all,

Does anyone have any pointers on this monogram I created (based on Bickham Script)? I created a 'custom' ampersand based on a Capital E because I didn't like the original in the face (and it didn't really fit in the design).


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monogram_development.pdf70.78 KB
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in my opinion the top two ideas are the strongest, elegant without looking old

however the first thing i read is W O P, when i assume it should read W & P, perhaps look at the spacing between the W and P, or alter the flourishes so they don't overlap as much and don't create an O shape?

would also suggest you take another look at the colour, the green you've used gives the monogram a cosmetics product feel

hope that helps

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Definitely top left. Nice and clean and simple. Make sure to give it lots of white space when you use it on anything like your invitation/programs/thank you cards/etc. If it were me, I'd play around with the color a bit more, but that's only personal taste. I get more of a 90s feel from that kind of green. But as long as there's no pink in the wedding too, it should be fine :)


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I agree with Peter and Penn - top ones look great!
However, I would work on that right W swash - it looks a bit awkward.

- Filip Łysyszyn

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Nice. The only thing that bugs me a bit is the slash through the “and” symbol. It sticks out to me because it is the only straight line in the mark. I think a “&” might mesh a little better.

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Thanks all,

The different versions wern't really meant as 'versions' more as applications of the same mark. The main mark is the one top-left.

@ Peter; I don't think that O you're seeing is a real problem. Most will know our initials and would be less quick in thinking there's an O in there.

@ Peter & Penn; The color isn't set in stone yet and I've yet to see it printed. I was looking for a nice greyish green, but I agree this might give it a soaplabel feel.

@ Filip; The top-right swash of the W is the bottom swash of the P but mirrored. I had tried to give the mark some balance with it, but I can see it isn't working 100% yet.

@ Ed; I had started out with an '&' in the mark, but it made it feel crowded (and I really dislike the ampersand in Bickham). I also tried a more curved line through the E, but that (to me at least) stood out even more, as now the line repeats the straight lines of the W.

I will play around with the color and the top-right swash of the W. Again, thank you all for commenting.

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I've added a new file: monogram_development.pdf

This shows the previous version with the 'normal' ampersand, as well as a trial with a slightly curved line through the custom ampersand.

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