Chomsky released at T26

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Chomsky is released by T26 today. This is my first commercial typeface, a fun typeface to play with, hence the great family price-cut. A mini site is scheduled to come real soon.

A PDF specimen is also available at my site:


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I’m confused—what’s the difference between all the variations? The P22 site really doesn’t handle chromatic fonts well.

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The non-regular weights are only supplemental, they're merely the regular weight with expanded contours. They're meant to be used as a background layer for the regular weight, as illustrated in this image (I know I should've uploaded a decent PDF specimen by now).

What do you mean about the P22 site?

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■■■■ ■■■■ (very good)

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Yes, I know what you mean. But, as I've described in T26's page they're never intended to be set in small size. :D

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Err, I meant T26. My brain doesn’t handle short things well.

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@James Puckett:
Yes, it happen all the time with numbers. :D

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