Buisness card design insight

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What do you think about including latin punctuation on an otherwise english buiseness card. You see my name in spanish has an accent over the (a) while in english it doesn't. I think leaving the punctuation will ad a bit of destinction but then again I want to be typographically true to the design. Suggestions?

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I love it - although it's often used annoyingly.
But it can be a non-intrusive way to add some flavor. And a great way to piss off Anglo purists. :->


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Don't change your name, and that includes leaving off an accent mark.

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thanks for the advice. this really pushes my design foward. I'll show some pics of my designs soon. All I can say is that it will be very simple and elegant. It will be purely typographic and it will be letterpressed on cream color cotton stock.


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If you want your name recognized with the accent, and to have people such as clients spell it with the accent, then by all means use it. (I agree with Hrant)

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