July Typeface - looking for good critique

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Hey there!
Well, I'm new here so maybe I should introduce myself.
My name's Filip Łysyszyn and I'm young (typo)graphic designer wanna-be from Warsaw, Poland. I'm not a design/art student (I study english philology).
I've recently started working on a new typeface that I hope to be my first "serious" one. However, I'm still very unexperienced and I really would appreciate professionals help (that means you, guys).

So, let's get it on:
The typeface name is July, probably because I started it in July.
It's meant to be a roman type with rather big aperture, small contrast and strong but short sherifs.
These weird acutes you see are a polish diacritics "kreska". These strange accents in "a" and "e" are again polish diacritics called "ogonek". The "l" with a diagonal line in the middle is a polish letter "ł" (lslash).
I haven't put it in a font file yet, because some glyphs need corrections - that's why I can't show it in a paragraph here.

Work In Progress Specimen:
http://lysyszyn.pl/projects/specimen02.png - lowercase
http://lysyszyn.pl/projects/specimen03.png - uppercase
http://lysyszyn.pl/projects/specimen04.png - small caps
http://lysyszyn.pl/projects/specimen05.png - ligatures


Again, I would appreciate any help and critique!
Your's sincerely,
Filip Łysyszyn

PS. If I violated any rule of etiquete around here, please forgive and let me know.

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Hi Filip,

Your typeface has a nice feeling I think. Congratulations!
It's hard to look at the details in these images - you should rather upload some pdf samples. Don't use colors or any effects in the samples, keep them simple, black and white.

Good luck!

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What you want is what you get!


And thank you for your comment!

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Nice work. This has appealing character, and I especially like the ligatures.

You should definitely move it to a font design program so you can evaluate it in more settings. Once you do that, here are some questions I would ask:
- Is the top of 'c', 'q' too light? 'C'?
- Are the lumps of 'm' too pointy? 'n'?
- Do the 'f's in the 'ff' ligature match well?
- Is the transition from thick to thin in 'S'/'s' too abrupt?
- Is 'N' too narrow? 'M'?
- Is 'J' off balance?
- Is the space under 'Q's tail within the bowl serving well at target sizes?
- Are some of the small caps too dark (for example 'M')?
- Should the right foot serifs of 'f' and 'r' be extended to help balance the letters?

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much for so many advices! These are extremally helpful, I really needed that.

- Filip Łysyszyn

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I like what I see, but would like to see some sample text to see how well it would read.

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