How to add "shaded" 3D effect to type

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^^ like this!

I seem to remember being able to generate this effect in Photoshop CS3's Filter menu, under "3D".

But how can I do this in CS4??

"3D" now has it's own menu in CS4 and I can't find the old -- admitedly crappy -- 3D functionality.

How can I do this with Photoshop CS4?

Do I need a plugin?

Do I need to "extend" CS4?

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How about cloning the word, giving it a black fill and moving it (say) 2mm to the right and 3 mm down, then sending it to the back and finally, giving the front one a white fill with a black stroke of (say) 1pt?

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Wouldn't that make a drop shadow rather than an extrude effect?

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You could use the 3D Extrude and Bevel filter in Illustrator.

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You're right Bendy, you'd have to fix the corners :(

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I've never seen a simple way to do this in Photoshop (I jumped from CS2 to CS4) but you can do in Illustrator like Jonathan said.

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Thanks, people.

Well, my good old CS3 had the 3D "Bevel & Extrude" function in the Filter menu. But it got dropped in CS4.

I am definitely looking for a quick one-shot way to do this. I guess Illustrator is the way to go. :-( What is sad is that it is still just the same old crappy tool, but now I gotta go back and forth to get it right.

I did find an Electric Rain "Swift 3D" plugin that will do this -- and I'm sure it is a vast improvement over the old Adobe 3D Filter. But Swift 3D is $150 and... well, I've got Illustrator... so I guess I just have to regress my method. Oh well.

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