Strange font choice...

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Stop! And smell the, uh, actors. :->

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It appears like something straight out of a Blade Runner set! :-)

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I love it! I’m a sucker for cast metal roman capitals on old buildings, but the only people who give a damn, or even notice, are font nerds. Doing something quirky like this is fun and interesting, and I’m sure that the designer who specified Stop had a sense of humor and knew that these letters will get swapped out at the next renovation anyway.

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Stop? I think you mean "Frieze!"

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Reminds me of the warm, homey-feeling brand identity of the digital photo frame company that I work for.

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I think that's where Cyberdyne created the Terminator.

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My guess: If you want to provide credible movie back drops, you have to stay ahead of the crowd… hence this wonderfull signage.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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As if boingboing itself hasn't made a "strange font choice."

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I’m a sucker for cast metal roman capitals on old buildings

Inversion of ideas: The building is out of place, the font is fitting. How old is the building?

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That's "Stop", designed by Aldo Novarese in 1970. I see Mark Simonson IDs it in the thread. It always looks distinctive, but never good :)

Probably the building is from the 70s.

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Probably the building is from the 70s.

So actually the type and the building are not chronologically remote.
I'm all for it!

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Probably the building is from the 70s.

The building looks like old Beaux-Arts-derivative institutional architecture, probably post-Victorian. I'd guess maybe 1910 or 1920?

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I should have said that I'm guessing the letters were put in in the 70s or early 80s. The building, as archaica says, is probably much earlier.

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My first impression: Planet of the Apes. ;-)

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Yes, Stop by Aldo immediately made me think of the Micro Center logo:

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I know next to nothing about typography but a whole ess-load about architecture. Archaica is correct that building is definitely from the teen's or maybe the 20's given its transitional, modernizing beaux-artsiness.

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