Please critique this recycling website

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Hi Everyone,

I would really appreciate your comments on this website...So far we only have a front page...and even that's not finished.

The venture is a mobile recycling company that will pay money for old phones. These will be refitted/ recycled etc...and the profits are to go to a charity, that raises funds for children's education.The proposition is cash for phones that people have discarded. target market- anyone within UK, 16-35, has more than 1 phone, is thrifty or cares deeply for the environment.

The problem I am having, is that I am a marketing person, not a designer. The company actually programming and creating the website is absolutely no help.

So please do throw some suggestions around on colours, layout, pictures and most importantly, the copy.

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Posting this in the forum labeled “Critique” will probably get you more responses.

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I've moved the thread to Critique: Typography/Composition

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I really hope for some good responses, as I am alone on this

independent. NOT

(no man is an island....)

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