Christian Media Company logo design------Need a little help deciding and suggestions would help

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Ive worked on several ideas for this company and wound up trying to decide between these two logos:

Logo1 ---

logo2 ---

Can anyone enlighten me in some way and help me decide or if you have any suggestion please let me know...

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How do you pronounce that word? Is it Spanish? Because in English, in my head, it sounds a lot like regurgitate. That's really not a good association for a religious media company!

As far as design, the top one looks like jack-o-lantern teeth. Or an earthquake. I don't see the media or religious angle at all.

The bottom one has more potential, but the white letters are illegible. Brutal truth? Sound waves are incredibly overused. As a rule I never use anything in a logo that's a standard icon already.

Have you though about doing a simple logotype alone instead of a mark? IMO, PR companies are best served by classy, understated typography alone. Due to the dynamic nature of promotional work, far too many media companies use trendy graphics that don't stand the test of time. Just my opinion.

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To clarify; I meant to say the white letters in the green circle are illegible, not all the white letters.

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The name is extremely bizarre! Is it a purposefully misspelled name to protect your/client's confidentiality? If not, what's the rationale behind it?
In addition, sound waves are a rather over-used icon. However, I do think that the sound waves in the first version are an slightly unusual take on the sound-waves idea, suitably different to overcome the straightforwardness. It is a specifically Christian media company: do you want this to come across in the logo?
When designing a logo, I find it useful to consider how it will look in black & white (B&W only, not grayscale) - this will help you create a clear and uncluttered design. In fact, I'm working on something at the moment where this idea would've saved me trouble now, see the thread on Cupcakes!)
Hope this helps,

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All that said, I think the soft sans is very nice ;)

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Well thanks for being brutally honest alaskan and zrenneh. you were correct, it is a spanish word. In english it is rejoice. thanks guys i felt the same way. Ive seen this done a couple of times but was stuck when developing several ideas. Alaskan can you place a link to show me what you were talking about.

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