Installing Font Type 1 on Vista 64 bits, but isn't working on Creative Suite CS3

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Just bought new HP DV7 2080ep Laptop with Windows Vista 64 bits, and installed Creative Suite CS3.

I'm trying to install Type 1 fonts but isn't working on creative suite, only in Microsoft Software.

Can anybody help me?

I'm student, so i ain't got any software licences.

Thank you in advance. :)

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The CS suite has several backdoors to get fonts to work. Put the files in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts and they should be visible in all CS programs. Put them in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS3\Fonts (or whereever your InDesign resides) and they'll only be visible in CS3. Similar for Illustrator and Photoshop.

I’m student, so i ain’t got any software licences.

You are mistaken. A student license is also perfectly valid:

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hum, thank you for your advise. But i don't have a common files folder nor on Illustrator, or Photoshop indivudual folders, Just on InDesing.

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Jut placed the fonts on ID font folder and they seem to appear just in ID not on Illustrator or Photoshop. ;|

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Yes, that's in a nutshell what you opted for.

Me not being intimate to Vista, you can choose between finding out where 'Common files' are stored on your system, or repeating the ad hoc fix for Illy and PS.

A few of the common files on my system (XP) are "Version Cue CS3 Bitte lesen.html" (Adobe Version Cue), Adobe AIR.dll, MSADDNDR.DLL (MS Designer), patchjre.exe (Sun Java), CAPSULES.ELM (MS Themes), and sam.spd (MS TTS). Find one of these and the rest should be there as well.

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Thanks a lot for your response.. What do you mean by Ad Hoc fix? I didn't install the version cue because I don't know what it is.. Perhaps that is affecting my problem.. I have no idea. But hell yeah, Vista sucks hard, 64 bits even more -.-


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Re: ad hoc: If copying your font into the ID fonts folder worked, but for ID only, you can repeat that for Illy & PS. It's 'ad hoc' -- at the spur of the moment -- because the proper way would have been placing them into the shared fonts folder. If Microsoft hadn't discontinued that option.

"Version Cue" does nothing with fonts; it's just one of the programs in my Common folder.

Personally, I'm having high hopes for Win7. It can't be any worse. It just can't be.

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hum, but i don't have any font folder on PS or Illy.

ye it can't be worse, I loved ATM and it seems it dissapeared...

I really want to get this working cause i really need to install my font collection... and i dont want to open ID and "vectorize" the desired text with the font i want and paste it in Illy or PS. IT's just wrong, boring and hard working. :P

Thank you for your patience

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I don't like to be the centre of all attention, but I would like some attention here. It's a problem that I'm having now, tomorrow it's your turn , so please if you have knowledge, help me.


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> hum, but i don’t have any font folder on PS or Illy.

Just create one. It should be named "Fonts".

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Thank you very much Miguel. That worked :) Pareces ter nome português. Saudações portuguesas.

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