Need some advise on microtypography... please :)

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Hi there!
I'm doing a label for a pharma product... I have a very tiny space and a lot of words to put in it! Can anyone help me out and advise me on what's the best typography for these cases? I need it to be confortable to read at 4 points size... is this possible? I know it will also depend on the printing tecnique... but any suggestions would be very nice :)
Thankyou so much!

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Look at the way directories (like telephone…) are done. Eg with Bell Centennial, the dutch Telefoon-font, etc. Unger’s Gulliver is famous for legibility and economy. Other condensed faces come to mind, like News Gothic Condensed, etc.

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Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Edward (I forgot about that topic...) and Bert, thanks! I think I have what I need now :)

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Not sure about your own country, but there very well may be government guidelines for type on medicine packaging.

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Darrel, there are communitary guidelines about minimum sizes for signs on packaging, not sure if there is any for typography... I've been trying to find it but had no luck so far!

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I have contacted the European Commission on this matter... and found that they have some recomendations on medical packaging and labelling :) here is the link to a pdf, in case anyone needs this info:


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Hailstone M., & Foster J.J. (1967). Studies of the efficiency of drug labeling. The Journal of Typographic Research, 1(3), 275–284.

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... If you look real close, some pills are labeled "May contain MDMA."

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