Differencing the apostrophe from the right single quote.

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Is there some proper way in OpenType to differentiate the apostrophe from the right single quote? In ASCII there is an straight apostrophe (U+0027), but the U+2019 RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK is the typographically correct version of both characters. I ask with a case in mind in a typeface where the default quotes are mirrored from their usual look, but when one is using the right single quote as an apostrophe is not likely to be used that way.

(lettering from a Chilean comic magazine).

I think that in cases one want to have a different look for it due to being used as a letter the U+02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE. is appropiate, yet some people is against the usage of those characters. The usage of the Saltillo letters (U+A78B, U+A78C) as an straight apostrophe is safe, thought.

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Is there some proper way in OpenType...

Put it in the "calt" feature, so that the "one o'clock" alternate glyph appears between two letters, but the "eleven o'clock" is default, when followed by a space or other punctuation. Shades of SmartyPants!

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