Do Lino and MT pro fonts kern by class?

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Hope someone knows or can check: do the current "pro" open-type releases of classic faces like Bembo or Plantin from Linotype/Monotype kern by class?

(We need to add a few glyphs like ṇ; it's a simple matter to add the new glyph to a kerning class. Not sure we want to purchase if it's not kerned by class.)

Thanks, —D.

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The EULAs for Linotype and Monotype don't allow modification of their fonts without special permission, so you might want to consider that first. Adobe's EULA does, as does the EULAs from _some_ others (Shinntype comes to mind.)

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Hmmm. Thanks for that point. What does getting that special permission involve? What are the repercussions (practically speaking) for some small fry like myself ignoring the aforesaid restriction, in a friendly spirit of "I need this letter which your font doesn't provide, so I am quietly adding it for my own personal use, no harm intended or offense implied"?

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I guess one contacts the foundry to get permission: how easy or likely it is I have no idea.

If you don't do get permission? ... well, I don't suppose it's likely you'll get caught, but I just don't think it's good to patronize companies that offer terms you don't like: it encourages them.

It would be nice if you told them that modifications are important to you, and that your buying decisions will be influenced by this.

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I hope someone can answer my original question: do MT and Lino fonts kern by class? How about these classic fonts as released by Adobe?

I wonder if Lino. would tell me if I just asked...

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FWIW, just had a quick look at Adobe's Jenson, Caslon, and Garamond Pro: they all have class kerning.

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